Development Work:

  • Windsun Energy can arrange to have all development work done for any renewable energy project within Southern Africa and Africa.
  • Windsun Energy is associated with some of the best developers in the South African renewable energy industry.

Site sourcing:

  • Windsun Energy will secure sites suitable for either solar PV or onshore wind energy depending on the clients requirements.
  • These projects can  be either for large scale REIPPPP or small scale projects.
  • The client can either advise us of land already identified and suitable for their needs or instruct us to find a site suitable for their needs.
  • We can link investors with developers for those wanting to invest on a large scale in such projects.

Stakeholder relations:
  • Stakeholder relations between all parties has become vitally important in all these projects of late especially so with the delay in preferred bidder announcements, financial closure finalization and with the expiry of land agreements and Environmental authorizations as well as servitude agreements.
  • Windsun Energy will liaise with landowners and all relevant parties on a continuous basis to ensure a sound foundation is laid for a long term relationship between the landowner and developer or investor.
  • Windsun Energy will liaise with all local authorities and build firm relationships with these authorities on behalf of the developer and investor.
  • Because of the relationship built up by Windsun Energy with landowners, Windsun Energy does all negotiations with landowners including servitude negotiations with other landowners on behalf of the developer or investor. 
  • Because these agreements are always long term agreements we believe that there must always be sustainable long term relationship between all parties concerned. Our experience since the start of the REIPPPP has shown how vitally important this is.